Evan Kobolakis

Chief Information Officer, SUNY College at Old Westbury


EvanK Responsibilities:

Primary Responsibility is a Digital Strategy for Old Westbury that aligns with the College’s mission of Social Justice and equality through educational empowerment, diversity, access, equity, self-determination, community activism and responsible global citizenship. Responsible and accountable for the technology systems and services offered by the IT department, operational management of the technology infrastructure, project management, application management, service management, and staff development. Evan maintains close collaboration and communication with all areas of the university, both administrative/business areas as well as the academic departments.

The goal is to transform the IT Services department from a traditional support team to a leading-edge, innovative technology environment that focuses on quality of service. Evan utilizes a team approach and a blend of frameworks such as ITIL, COBIT, IT Balanced Scorecard, TOGAF and established project management methodology to successfully meet the College’s goals.